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Ayurvedic Fall Nourish & Cleanse

Blue Hill -

Grapes and flowers.

BLUE HILL – Certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle & Wellness Consultant, Sally Clinton, is offering an Ayurvedic Fall Cleanse from October 12-21. The transition from summer to fall marks the change from the expansive, active, sometimes frenetic energy of summer to the rooting, grounding and nourishing energy of fall. This cleanse provides an opportunity to come back to balance, reestablish or cultivate more healthful eating habits and nourish and cleanse your system. In doing so, it gives the body a healthy foundation for winter.

Ayurveda, India’s system of natural health and healing, is a sister science to yoga that acknowledges the importance of living in alignment with nature. This will be a simple and manageable but effective cleanse that provides useful tools for healthy living. Through three meetings the cleanse provides group support, inspiration and individualized attention. The Cleanse meetings will be held at the Community Health Alliance at 15 Ellsworth Road in Blue Hill. Pre-registration is required, ideally by October 5. For meeting times and more information: www.artoflivingwell.info or call 326-7957.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Sally Clinton

Telephone Number: (207)326-7957

Website: http://www.artoflivingwell.info

Email: sally@artoflivingwell.info