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Noontime Rotary Club of Ellsworth to host Electronic Waste Recycling Event

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ELLSWORTH – Encouraged by its wild success in 2009 members of the Noontime Rotary Club of Ellsworth are once again organizing a day for collection and recycling of old and broken electronics. E-waste will be accepted from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, July 24 in Home Depot’s parking lot in Ellsworth. This event is open to residents from any community and items may be recycled for free. The Noontime Rotary Club will accept donations for its mentoring projects.

The Noontime Club is partnering with eWaste Recycling Solutions LLC (ERS) of Auburn, which will bring a team to pack and transport televisions, computers, monitors and other electronic devices.

Similar collections have been held recently in around the State where six tractor-trailer loads of electronics were collected at just one location.

Maine is one of the few states that mandates electronic waste be recycled. Proper recycling and disposal of e-waste removes tons of hazardous waste like lead, cadmium and mercury that otherwise is often buried or incinerated.

ERS, approved by the Department of Environmental Protection, will man the collection site at no cost to Rotary Club.

Rotary Club members, wearing bright orange t-shirts, will help with traffic, parking and unloading vehicles. The primary focus is on collecting electronic devices and lighting and other universal waste including: televisions (all sizes), CPUs, monitors, copiers, printers (and ink cartridges) , fax machines, scanners, laptops, stereos, keyboard/mouse/peripherals, DVD players, cell phones, remote controls, VCRs, projectors, digital cameras, tape players, PDAs, speakers, telephones, two-way radios, answering machines, camcorders, CD players, DVD players, electric typewriters, game systems, pagers, microwaves, toner cartridges.

Free recycling is available for individuals. A fee schedule for businesses interested in the July 24 is available by calling Rick Clark, ERS at 449-1709.

For more information, contact Rotary Club member Kathie Norwood at 667-5304, ext. 238, or visit the club’s website at www.noontimerotary.org.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Kathie Norwood

Telephone Number: (207)667-5304

Website: http://noontimerotary.org

Email: tcarlisle@ellsworthamerican.com