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Blue Hill -

BLUE HILL – Pack 97 Cub Scouts from Blue Hill will be accepting donation of your recyclable bottles and cans from 10am to 2pm on June 26th on the lawn of the American Legion. This event allows us to teach the boys about conservation, responsibility and hard work. If you have bottles or cans that you would like picked up on that day, feel free to call the Cubmaster at 460-0978 and we will make arrangements. In the future, we would like to have a bottle collection point setup at the American Legion. All money collected from returnables goes to support Scouting in Blue Hill. Interested in joining the Pack? Boys grades 1-5 in the Blue Hill area are invited to stop by to see what’s going on and pickup an application. For more information contact Dave Gulya at davegulya@hotmail.com

For More Information:

Contact Name: Dave Gulya

Telephone Number: 207.460.0978

Website: http://

Email: davegulya@hotmail.com