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Volunteer leadership program offers free training

Statewide -

The Encore Leadership Corps (ENCorps) is made up of a dedicated group of individuals age 50 and older who have volunteered to take part in projects in their towns and cities that involve community service and development. ENCorps leaders receive free training during regular workshops, as well as at a yearly two-day summit. Topics at these events include, but are not limited to, grant writing, impacting public policy, fund raising, and consensus building. Additional support for volunteers includes a toolkit to help assist with projects, and an online meeting space where ENCorps leaders can communicate with each other and with program administrators, as well as gain access to additional resources.

Individuals have joined ENCorps to:
“Facilitate change and a healthy environment.”
“Learn more to help nonprofits in a more effective way.”
“Learn how to strengthen my community.”
“Make some connections.”
“Learn some new ways to engage our community.”
“Come away with ideas as to how I could contribute to my community.”
“Get ideas about how to bring things back to my community, as well as knowing that I would have a support system in the preparation of it.”

To apply or learn more about the program, please visit http://www.encoreleaders.org/index.html, email info@encoreleaders.org, or call 207-262-7928.

For More Information:

Contact Name: David

Telephone Number: (207)262-7928

Website: http://www.encoreleaders.org/

Email: info@encoreleaders.org