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UMaine Interns from across Washington County convene at Schoodic to Plan for Landscape Scale Conservation

Winter Harbor -

WINTER HARBOR, Maine,  Several diverse conservation groups in the Downeast Maine area have been working with interns from the US and three other countries as part of the inaugural 2011 Acadian Internship Program. This innovative program combines formal coursework, offered for credit through the University of Maine’s Summer University, with a four-week paid internship with the goal of fostering landscape-scale stewardship across what’s being called the “Acadian Region.” Participating intern sponsors include the Downeast Lakes Land Trust, the Downeast Salmon Federation, the Washington County Council of Governments, and the Open Space Institute. More information is available at: acadianinternship.wordpress.com.

For four weeks this summer, Interns worked with field sponsors gaining meaningful, hands-on internship experience. Today, Interns reconvened at SERC, where they began the program with formal coursework, to place what they learned in their field experience within the greater context of large landscape-scale conservation. The wrap-up included formal project presentations open to all stakeholders.

“I am thrilled to be working with the Downeast Lakes Land Trust over the last four weeks” said Intern Karena Mahung from Belize. “Our academic coursework during the first week at the SERC Institute, combined with an orientation by DLLT’s Executive Director Mark Berry, has provided the background for me to make a meaningful contribution to this important organization. DLLT is a great model of an organization working towards large landscape conservation, and one that has already had true success in accomplishing this goal. I hope to take these lessons back home to Belize to improve conservation efforts there.”

The Acadian Internship Program is sponsored by the Quebec Labrador Foundation, Schoodic Education and Research Center, and the University of Maine, and is offered in partnership with Acadia National Park.

Rob Lilieholm
School of Forest Resources
University of Maine, Orono

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