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Sixteen Attend the Initial Core Exam Pesticide Training

Dover-Foxcroft -

DOVER-FOXCROFT, Maine — Pesticides are important tools that in the hands of the skilled applicator offer numerous benefits: increased crop yields, safer highways, enhanced landscapes, infestation-free structures, to name a few.
As with any powerful tool, proper and effective use of pesticides depends upon the judgment of the trained applicator. The pesticide applicator license represents recognition of an individual’s qualifications to use pesticides properly.
To become licensed in Maine, individuals must first earn certification through examinations that show proficiency in pest management, pesticide use and safety. Then licenses are issued to certified individuals once fees and, if needed, insurance requirements are met.
To help farmers and others better prepare for this exam the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Piscataquis County Office, Charlotte White Center and the Board of Pesticide Control held an Initial Core Exam Pesticide Training in Dover-Foxcroft featuring Gary Fish instructor from the Maine Board of Pesticide Control.
Sixteen farmers and applicators from Dover-Foxcroft, Guilford, Parkman, Athens and East Millinocket attended the training and took the exams following the training.
Those who missed the training and are interested in becoming certified to apply restricted use pesticides can contact the UMaine Extension Office at 564-3301 or in Maine 1-800-287-1491 or email donna.coffin@maine.edu to learn how to get the study materials and arrange to take the exam in Dover-Foxcroft. More information on the certification process is available from the BPC web site www.thinkfirstspraylast.org or by calling the BPC office at 287-2731.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Donna Coffin, Extension Educator

Telephone Number: (207)564-3301

Website: http://umaine.edu/piscataquis/blog/2011/10/30/pesticide-training/

Email: donna.coffin@maine.edu