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S.W. Cole Engineering announces “Dig Into Science” contest

Bangor -

BANGOR, Maine — S.W. Cole Engineering has announced it is hosting a “Dig Into Science” contest in which science, math or engineering students in pre-kindergarten through grade 12 in Maine and New Hampshire schools will explain, via a video application, how science or engineering affects their daily lives. One winner will be chosen by each of the company’s six offices for a total of six winning classes. Each winner will be awarded $1,000 for the purpose of attending a pre-approved, extra-curricular program related to science, math or engineering, including the Challenger Learning Center of Maine. Students will enter the contest as a class and will do so with an application as well as a video that they will upload to S. W. Cole’s YouTube channel. The deadline to enter is Thursday, Nov. 10. Information about the program, including all rules and regulations, is available at www.swcole.com.

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