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Rev. Peter Panagore to speak on Near Death Experience

Camden, Maine -

CAMDEN – Reverend Peter Panagore will tell his own Near Death Experience story, How I Died and Went to Heaven and What Has Happened Since from 1-4 p.m. Wednesday, Nov.17 at the High Mountain Hall in Camden.

Come hear this inspiring, thrilling, true and life changing story of man seen each day on Daily Devotions on WCSH6-TV and WLBZ2-TV.In 1980, while ice climbing in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada, and desperately struggling to save his own life, Peter Panagore died of exposure while dangling in his climbing harness high above the froze valley below. In heaven he heard God’s wordless voice say, “I love you. You now know I love. You feel my love. I’ve always loved you. I love your family and all people in the same way, only they don’t feel it because they are on earth.”

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