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New Online Learning at SMCC

South Portland -

SOUTH PORTLAND — The Professional Education Department at Southern Maine Community College (SMCC) is pleased to announce a new partnership with Metrix Learning to offer non-credit, online courses available to students, the general public, and virtually anyone with access to a computer. SMCC is the first community college in the country to partner with Metrix Leaning providing access to over 5,000 SkillSoft, Medcom and Kenexa Prove-It online courses and assessments.

SMCC Professional Education Online programs provide a simple and intuitive experience for the user while allowing them to access powerful learning tools to keep their work skills sharp and up to date. An SMCC Professional Education Online license allows a single user to take as many courses as he or she would like from a list of over 5,000 courses with 24-hour access for a period of 90 days for only $99.

The course library includes courseware and certificate prep in IT (Cisco, CompTIA, Linux, Microsoft), Business Skills (Six Sigma, Microsoft), and Desktop Publishing (Adobe, Microsoft). In addition to software-related courses, general business courses are available in finance/accounting, human resources, communications, strategic planning, leadership and many other areas. Legal compliance courseware as well as health and safety, environmental and government courses are also offered.

SMCC’s Professional Education Online courses provide a flexible and cost-effective training solution. The program is easy to use and provides a full learning management system to help track progress. Users only need sufficient computer skills to navigate the application web site and complete learning plans, as well as computer access (with sound preferably) to the internet via a high-speed connection (DSL, Cable, FiOS, etc.).

For additional information, call 741-5758.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Julie Chase

Telephone Number: (207)741-5874

Website: http://www.smccme.edu/continuingstudies

Email: jchase@smccme.edu