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Medicinal Mushrooms of Maine

Holden -

HOLDEN – Greg Marley, author of Mushrooms for Health; Medicinal Secrets of Northeast Fungi will host a workshop on medicinal mushrooms from 9am to 3pm, Saturday, July 17 at Fields Pond Audubon Center.

Cost: $60/member of Maine Audubon, $70/nonmember. Advance registration and payment required. Please call 989-2591 for registration and more information.

Maine is home to a number of valuable edible and healing mushrooms. Many are easily identified and without poisonous look-a-likes. In the day long workshop, you’ll learn to identify and find common medicinal mushrooms, learn how to use them as tasty functional food, and discover research supporting their use as healing agents. We’ll make simple mushroom teas and broth, and learn how to make mushroom tinctures.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Fields Pond Staff

Telephone Number: (207)989-2591

Website: http://www.maineaudubon.org

Email: fieldspond@maineaudubon.org