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Marine Science Center Hosts Coastal Exploration Summer Camps

Port Clyde -

PORT CLYDE – Port Clyde- Herring Gut Learning Center will open its eleventh season of marine science camps July 11th. The one-day, field-based camps for children ages 5 – 10 cover a wide range of marine topics related to Maine’s coastal ecosystems.

This year, several new programs are being offered including No Bones About It!, where campers explore the many species of invertebrates that inhabit the ocean and even have the opportunity to dissect a squid. C.S.I. – Coastal Science Investigation is another new program designed for campers to investigate and solve the mysteries of invasive species at the ocean’s edge.

For more information,  visit http://herringgut.org/summercamp.html.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Katie Gloede: Kgloede@herringgut.org

Telephone Number: (207)372-8677

Website: http://herringgut.org/summercamp.html

Email: kgloede@herringgut.org