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Orono -

ORONO, Maine — Mantis Yoga for Kids, inspired by Color Me Yoga, for ages 3-6, will be held from 3:30 to 4 p.m. Mondays, Jan.9 through Feb. 6, at the Keith Anderson Community Center. The cost for the 5-week session will be $35.¬† Mantis Yoga for ages 7-11 will be held from 4:15 to 5 p.m. Mondays, Jan. 9 through Feb. 6, at the Center. The cost of this 5-week class will be $40. Both classes will be taught by instructor, Holly Twining.

For more information or to register, call 866-5065.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Staff at Orono Parks and Rec

Telephone Number: (207)866-5065

Website: http://www.oronorec.com

Email: hollyshelf@hotmail.com