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Maine through the Ages – Plate Tectonics and Bedrock History

Castine -

Christopher Gerbi, Assistant Professor - Mineralogy/Rheology

CASTINE – Although glaciers, rivers, and human activity have shaped Maine’s modern landscape, the bedrock under our feet and other major geologic features are due to plate tectonic activity that occurred over the course of several hundred million years.¬† Christopher Gerbi, Assistant Professor of Earth Sciences at the University of Maine, will trace the history of our state’s bedrock at 3pm on Saturday, July 31st. He will be highlighting a few localities in Maine and relating the plate tectonic activity at the time of their formation to modern techniques used to develop our understanding of Maine’s geological past.

Dr. Gerbi teaches and researches in the fields of mineralogy and rheology at the University of Maine. He is a New England native, having grown up in central New Hampshire, but has undertaken research projects in Cyprus, Argentina, and Ontario, in addition to New England. His active research projects, funded by the National Science Foundation, investigate how rocks change strength during mountain-building cycles.

The Wilson Museum is located at 120 Perkins Street, Castine. The program is free and open to the public. For more information 207-326-9247 or www.wilsonmuseum.org.

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