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Maine Media Gallery Photography Exhibition

Rockport -

Jill Enfield, "Sicily"

ROCKPORT – Infrared photography is the focus of a group exhibition coming to the new Maine Media Gallery in July. “Four Visions in Different Light: Susan Bloom, Jill Enfield, Elizabeth Opalenik, and Theresa Airey” will be on view from July 5-25, with a closing reception from 6:30-8pm on Tuesday, July 20.  These four talented photographers have united to put together a show that strives to demonstrate how many different perspectives and interpretations there can be for one medium.

Infrared photography allows artists to create images that make infrared light-waves discernible, even though they are beyond the visible spectrum. By using infrared film or adapted digital cameras, these photographers allow us to see what was once invisible. The infrared images create a surreal and delicate world. Theresa Airey says, “I like to show the world as we know it in a ‘different light’, one that is more symbolic of the mood or the feeling in the landscape, rather than the realism of the scene.”

Each of the four artists provides a unique insight into the many facets of infrared, and has decades of experience working with infrared photography. Susan Bloom says of their experience, “Together we probably have a combined usage of IR for a hundred years.” The work they present in the exhibition includes figure studies, landscapes, and photographic collages. Three of the women – Susan Bloom, Jill Enfield, and Elizbeth Opalenik – are instructors at Maine Media Workshops.

Maine Media Workshops & College is a non-profit educational organization offering year-round workshops and college programs for photographers, filmmakers, and media artists.

Maine Media Gallery is on the first floor of the Shepherd Building, 18 Central Street, Rockport Village. The gallery’s 2010 exhibition season is generously sponsored by Bangor Savings Bank. This event is free and open to the public. For information on Maine Media Gallery exhibitions, faculty lectures, and all Maine Media programs, visit www.mainemedia.edu, call 207-236-8581, or email info@mainemedia.edu.

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