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Handmade Papers Gallery Presents: The Maritime Linocuts of James Dodds

Brooklin -

Benjamin River Boatyard, James Dodds, Linocut, 2009

BROOKLIN – Handmade Papers Gallery is pleased to announce its second exhibition of work by English painter, printmaker, and boat builder James Dodds.
As a native of England, Dodds’ work primarily illustrates the rich maritime scenes of his homelands, Wivenhoe and Brightlingsea. Through the experience and practice gained from a boatbuilding apprenticeship in England as a young man, Dodds demonstrates his masterful skill and knowledge of finely crafted boats. Attending Colchester School of Art, Chelsea School of Art, and Royal College of Art, Dodds melded his passion for boatbuilding with an undeniable talent for bringing to life the spiritual essence of the wooden boats and maritime scenes he knew so well.
A trip to Maine enabled Dodds to continue his explorations of the maritime from a slightly different perspective. His work inspired from his time in Maine features landmarks such as the Brooklin Boat Yard, Bridges Point Boat Yard, Benjamin River Boat Yard, and the Rockport Marine.
Dodds’ Maine-inspired linocuts, as well as his other maritime work and wide variety of hand printed books can now be found at the Handmade Papers Gallery in Brooklin owned by papermaker Virginia Sarsfield. The gallery’s summer hours are noon to five, Wednesday through Sunday, or year round by chance or appointment. Directions to the gallery can be found at Handmadepapersonline.com

For more information, call 359-8345.

For More Information:

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