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Course for Educators Coming to Augusta in August

Augusta -

AUGUSTA, Maine — Mary Dunn, motivational teacher of elementary, secondary and adult education programs for the past 25 years and specialist in the historical and cultural study of Native Americans will be presenting a 3 day course for educators at the Senator Inn and Suites in Augusta, August 22-25. “US History: The Spirit of the First Peoples” is a
hands on course which studies the multi-culture of our highly-diversified Native Americans and their vast contributions in the arts, humanities and technology. New faces and valued historical and cultural information will broaden your view and definition of the “founding fathers and mothers of our nation.” The bright light of Our Country’s Native American heritage will shine in you at the end of our journey together. This light will inspire all of your history classes to come. Mary Dunn, the instructor will share her Native American spirit with you. Emphasis will be placed on the Maine tribes. Offered by the American Institute of Creative Education this course carries 4.5 CEU’s and is approved by the Maine Department of Education. Graduate credits are available through Endicott College.

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