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Paste Paper and Bookbinding Workshops

Ellsworth -

ELLSWORTH – Woodlawn is pleased to offer a Paster Paper and a Bookbinding Workshops with book artists Liliane Kell and Nancy Leavitt. The Paste Paper Workshop will be held 9:30am till noon, Friday, June 11th. The Bookbinding Workshop will be held from 9:30am till 2:00pm the following Friday, June 18th.

Paste paper is a type of decorated paper made from a cooked mixture of flour and water to which paint is added. The paste is brushed or sponged onto a wet sheet of paper, a process similar to finger painting. Pattern and texture is achieved by whatever tool is used to spread mixture. In this workshop, you will learn how to make and use paste to create paste paper for use as book covers, in collages or as wrapping paper. This workshop will be held, Friday, June 11th, 9:30 am till noon. The cost is $40 for members/$50 for non-members. Bring an apron and a pair of plastic gloves (optional).

The bookbinding workshop will be held the following Friday, June 18th, 9:30 am till 2 pm. In this workshop, participants will make their own journals while learning the basics of simple bookbinding. Students will sew a series of historical and contemporary bindings to help gain skills in handling paper, sewing structures, and making binding tools and will complete several different bindings. The cost is $60 for members/$70 for non-members. Bring a bag lunch, apron and a pair of scissors.

Liliane Kell and Nancy Leavitt are book artists who have been collaborating for 25 years. Some of Nancy’s work can be seen on www.nancyleavitt.com

For More Information:

Contact Name: As space is limited, pre-registration is required by calling Woodlawn at 667-8671 or email educator@woodlawnmuseum.org

Telephone Number: (207)667-8671

Website: http://www.woodlawnmuseum.org

Email: educator@woodlawnmuseum.org