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Blue Hill Library: Writing Workshop

Blue Hill -

BLUE HILL – Maine author Barbara Baig will host a free workshop at the Blue Hill Public Library entitled How To Be A Writer, based on her book of the same name. The workshop will be  at 1 p.m.  Saturday, Oct. 16. It is open to aspiring writers ages 15 to adult.

What do writing and playing baseball have in common? They both demand the use of specific skills—skills that can be learned only through practice. That’s the premise of Baig’s new book for aspiring writers, How to Be a Writer: building your creative skills through practice and play.

Baig, who taught college students and adults in the Boston area for twenty-five years before moving to Maine, became dissatisfied with the way writing is usually taught. “In the typical writing workshop,” she says, “people spend their time talking about writing instead of doing it. Writers can’t learn their skills that way. It’s the difference between [Red Sox radio broadcaster] Joe Castiglione talking about Dustin Pedroia making a great play and Pedroia actually making the play. He can do that because he’s practiced those moves a thousand times. Writers need to practice their skills just like athletes do.”

Baig set herself the task of trying to understand exactly what it is that writers need
to practice. The task wasn’t easy. Eventually she realized that a writer’s skills can be divided into two kinds: she calls them “content” skills and “craft” skills. In her present book she focuses entirely on the skills writers need to come up with content needed for a piece of writing, whether it’s a novel or an office memo. (A second book, now in progress, will focus on the skill of using language.)

Space is limited so participants are asked to register using the library’s online interactive calendar on the library’s web site at www.bhpl.org, or by calling the library at 374-5515.

For More Information:

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