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Bat prgram at Pittsfield Public Library

Pittsfield -

PITTSFIELD РPittsfield Public Library offers a program on bats at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 19 in the Warren Community Room. This program introduces audiences to local and tropical bats. Via slides and tapes bat calls, the audience moves beyond old stereotypes to understand the vital role of bats, which control pesky insects, pollinate night blooming flowers, and are valuable seed dispersers. The whole family will learn about bats in our attics, building bat houses, vampire bats, migration and hibernation. The evening concludes with a wonderful bat tee shirt craft project. You may bring your won short or purchase one for $4.00. The program is presented by Jerry Schneider, a former teacher and children’s librarian who also works extensively with butterflies and other insects.

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