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WUMF Battle of the Bands

Farmington -

FARMINGTON – The University of Maine at Farmington’s radio station, WUMF 91.5, is now accepting applications for its annual Battle of the Bands competition! The event will take place on Saturday, April 30, during the evening. WUMF is searching for talented, local artists, groups, or bands of any genre. The winner of this year’s event will receive a check for 300 dollars, and second place will be awarded 100 dollars. For more information, visit http://wumf.umf.maine.edu/battle-of-the-bands/.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Mike LaFreniere

Telephone Number: (207)778-7352

Website: http://wumf.umf.maine.edu/battle-of-the-bands/

Email: wumf915@gmail.com