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Wild Blueberry Association Multi-Year Frozen Blueberry Campaign

Portland, Maine -

www.wildblueberries.com (image courtesy of Wild Blueberry Association of North America)

PORTLAND – Frozen Wild Blueberries are injecting new vitality into supermarkets’ frozen food aisles while growing awareness of the frozen fruit category as a whole – and just in time to meet growing consumer demand for year-round, healthy alternatives. The Maine-based Wild Blueberry Association of North America (WBANA) has announced it is committing a record amount of resources in a major, nationally focused, multi-year campaign to significantly grow presence of frozen Wild Blueberries throughout the retail sector. In so doing, Wild Blueberry farms and the strength of the industry will be much more than maintained; rather, a fundamental new, robust growth of frozen fruit overall is expected to occur over the next five years, with frozen Wild Blueberries leading the charge.

The health benefits and flavor appeal of Wild Blueberries, as opposed to their cultivated counterparts, have taken center stage of late, in no small measure due to enthusiastic coverage earned from national outlets as far-ranging as CBS News, Yahoo! Health and The New York Times Magazine.

Regarded as one of nature’s ultimate anti-aging foods, the pearl-sized berries may guard against cell damage and the effects of aging for both men and women. Potential health benefits may also include prevention of memory loss and improved motor skills.

Wild Blueberries have been found to have a higher level of antioxidants than almost any other fruit by USDA research findings and such respected outlets as the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry. Health magazine editors earlier this year placed Wild Blueberries high on its list of “America’s Healthiest Superfoods for Women,” and pointed readers to their supermarkets’ frozen fruit aisle for the healthy frozen berries available throughout the year.

A central component of the WBANA frozen campaign continues to be educating consumers about the draw of frozen Wild Blueberries’ flavor, texture, and convenience, coupled with highlighting the marked differences between Wild Blueberries and the cultivated variety. Wild Blueberries are smaller than cultivated, have a more intense flavor, freeze superbly, and retain their important nutritional benefits. With the growth of the frozen Wild Blueberry market, consumers will increasingly be able to enjoy – and benefit from – Wild Blueberries each month of the year, but without sacrificing flavor, texture, or nutrition.

On the advertising front, a coordinated national and regional campaign rolled out this spring, including a 30-day April-May nytimes.com run; an April 18 New York Times Magazine presence; and strategic buys throughout the spring in Health magazine and Real Age, as well as on epicurious.com.

On the social media front, the association recently launched its facebook (www.facebook.com/wildblueberries) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/WildBBerries4U) presence, and is growing its popular “Wild About Health” blog (www.wildblueberryhealthblog.com).

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