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Volunteers Needed

State wide -

STATEWIDE – housands of Mainers have their taxes done by each year by AARP Tax-Aide, the nation’s largest volunteer-run, no-cost tax counseling and preparation service. You can be part of the team by volunteering to help. Volunteer tax preparers are needed now in Penobscot, Piscataquis, Hancock and Washington counties. No prior experience is necessary and you do not need to be an AARP member to volunteer.

Volunteer tax counselors receive no-cost training in both Federal and Maine tax regulations and the use of tax software. Training is usually offered in January. Volunteers become certified by the Internal Revenue Service by passing an open-book exam. Computer familiarity is necessary.

Why volunteer? Those who volunteer tend to come back year after year because they enjoy the work. They find it intellectually challenging to learn new things and then apply these new skills to helping others. They also enjoy helping others access tax deductions and credits they might not discover on their own. Some find it enjoyable to apply their prior business experience to a worthwhile and satisfying activity.

Bonnie Jipson, who has been volunteering for years, says she enjoys helping people do something they couldn’t do for themselves. Most people are grateful for the help she gives them, but she is not allowed to accept any payment or gifts from them. So they give her what they can: a thank you, a smile and sometimes a big warm hug. She says, “It’s worth it just to see that smile on their face!”

Tax-Aide volunteers are asked to make a commitment over the 10-week tax season which begins February 1. Volunteers are reimbursed for mileage and qualified program-related expenses.

Last year, AARP Tax-Aide volunteers helped prepare income tax returns for more than 18,000 Mainers who received more than $10 million in federal tax refunds.

The AARP Tax-Aide program is administered through the AARP Foundation in cooperation with the IRS. For more information and to volunteer, visit the website at www.aarp.org/money/taxaide/ or call Tax-Aide District Coordinator Richard Jung at 667-5936.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Richard Jung

Telephone Number: (207)667-5936

Website: http://www.whcacap.org

Email: snugent@whcacap.org