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The Woodchuck Logging Tool Comes to State Fair

Bangor -

BANGOR, Maine — The Bangor State Fair runs from July 29 through August 7 and is a fun time for all ages. Each year it brings ten days of non-stop entertainment, attractions, contests, great foods, and some of the best agricultural presentations of animals and products in the state.

The Bangor State Fair introduces many carefully selected products to their visitors. Perhaps one of the most unique products you will find at the fair this year is a tool that Paul Bunyon himself would have been excited to own – it’s the “Woodchuck – five tools in one”. There is no other single tool like it when it comes to increasing your productivity and versatility while working with wood. Be sure to catch the demonstrations and see how this one tool can replace your log holder, lifter, roller, carrier, and your post puller. The Woodchuck will lift logs off the ground completely for easy speed cutting without dulling your chain or binding your saw. You can tether it to a tree or off the back of your rig. As a log lifter you can move logs off the ground as you would a timberjack or use it as a cant hook to roll logs out of your way. When you aren’t cutting wood, this makes a handy post remover for both metal and wooden fence posts. This is an amazing tool made with American ingenuity and capable of changing from tool to tool in seconds. What better place to showcase such an amazing product than in Bangor, the home of Paul Bunyon.

So be sure to come to the largest state fair in Maine and look for the Woodchuck as well as all the other wonderful products on display. You can find the most amazing things at the Bangor State Fair!

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