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The Beacon Group begins Pro Bono Practice Area to support Maine Businesses

Portland -

PORTLAND, Maine — The Beacon Group, a growth strategy consulting firm, will begin accepting applications for its Grow Maine Business Program. Beginning this year, Beacon will annually select one or two deserving Maine-based businesses—who otherwise could not afford consulting support—to receive pro bono growth strategy services. This program will be focused on innovative Maine-based technology companies that lack formal growth strategies and tactics for their business. Beacon’s intent in launching the Grow Maine Business Program is to give back to the emerging business community and to help drive growth in the Maine economy. Cliff Farrah, President and Chairman of The Beacon Group, says he is “pleased to have the opportunity to help promising and deserving Maine businesses grow to their full potential.”

Organizations that will benefit most from Beacon’s services will fall within one of their industry practice areas: Healthcare and Life Sciences, Technology, Industrial Technology, Energy, and Government, Defense, and Homeland Security.

The first candidate selection will occur in October; Beacon will accept applications through the end of September.

The Beacon Group is a strategy consulting firm with a strict focus on providing its Fortune 500 clients with actionable growth strategies and tactics. Located in Portland, Maine, Beacon’s commitment to achieving top-line growth has made the firm a premier counselor on issues of innovation, disruption, international, adjacent, and emerging market growth. Beacon is proud to extend its philanthropic presence in the community by lending its knowledge and experience in growth strategy to deserving Maine businesses.

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