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Bangor -

BANGOR – Beginning Wednesday, May 26, the SUBWAY® restaurant located at 120 State Street in Bangor will be open under new ownership.

Brian Hansen and William Sovis, owners of Hospi Foodservice Inc. and local SUBWAY® franchisees since 1996, take over the location long owned and operated by the Angelia (King) Levesque and the King family.

“We are very excited to continue what guests have come to expect from State Street SUBWAY® and our other area locations,” says Hansen. “We take great pride in providing a consistent, predictable experience with GREAT Subs, Service & People!”

In addition to the State Street transfer, there is also progress being made on a new SUBWAY® restaurant at 469 Main Street in Bangor, with an anticipated August opening.

For more information about the SUBWAY® restaurant chain, please visit www.subway.com or www.subwayfreshbuzz.com.

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