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See You at the Y – A New Year’s Resolution

Bar Harbor -

BAR HARBOR, Maine — The MDI YMCA is offering ‘See You at the Y’ – an incentive to jump start those seeking healthier lifestyles by offering a $75 credit during the month of January for new and existing members. Current members who bring a friend or family member in to sign up for membership receive a $75 credit, as does the new member.

Membership Director Doreen Willett says, “The See You at the Y incentive is our way of saying thank you to our community with a gift of a $75 credit toward programming for both the existing members and new members. This is a great time to get healthy and stay healthy.”

Wellness Director Lisa Tweedie says, “It seems that many of us renew our commitment to personal fitness with the New Year. From the perspective of a wellness professional, the timing doesn’t matter. What matters is that people seeking better health are coming to us, and we are here to inspire, motivate and encourage.” She adds, “We’re hoping that the $75 is an added incentive, along with our sliding scale membership fees, to get more community members moving here at the Y.”

The ‘See You at the Y’ incentive program is happening through the month of January. Contact Membership Director Doreen Willett at the MDI YMCA for more information at 288-3511 or membership@mdiymca.org. The MDI YMCA is located on Park St.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Doreen Willett

Telephone Number: (207)288-3511

Website: http://www.mdiymca.org

Email: membership@mdiymca.org