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Residents of Maine and their families can now have protection with the I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) KEYTAG system.

Steuben -

STATE, Maine –¬† Tom Force, owner of ICE (TM) KEYTAGS, has signed Washington County-based Stephanie Miller of PRO-FOUND in Steuben, Maine to develop the local market.

The red band with “I.C.E.” on our key tags stands out from any other tag that might be on a key ring. On the back of the tag, the owner enters the contact number of the person they want notified if they are in an accident. First Responders will know what number to call when the tag holder is unresponsive. In addition, tag holders can download our free EMS Information Form from our web site. It provides pertinent medical information to be stored in the glove box. Small vehicle stickers further alert EMS personnel to look for the form. There is also a spot to write in a telephone number in case the keys are lost. This is a potentially life-saving system.

“I am a retired Captain for the Richmond, VA Fire Department. I have seen the need for the information and vital service that I.C.E. KEYTAGS provides so many times during my 25 year career.” – Lorenzo Myers, Richmond, VA.

Tag Distribution is available through Local Businesses who Sponsor a tag. Sponsors receive recognition for participating in our Community Service program. In return, the tag acts as a multi-faceted marketing tool including all of the following benefits for just the price of the tags:

1. Custom advertisement for your business on the front of the tag

2. Inclusion on the Maine page of our National deals web site, “flashthetag.com” with a Link to your web site, map and your weekly special

3. Optional QR Code on the back of the tag with ability to change your content. Tracking analytics included.

4. We’ll send you the opt-in email list of Tag holders who activate tags using the code specific to your business, which is printed on your tags.

An I.C.E. KEYTAG program can be used as a Fundraiser for your Organization, providing tag holders with peace of mind if they are ever in an accident or lose their keys as well as a way to Save Money at Local Businesses or when they travel.

About I.C.E. KEYTAGS – Headquarters in Southlake, TX. Produces and Distributes emergency notification key tags

About PRO-FOUND – Headquarters in Steuben, ME. Local Online and Offline Marketing Expert specializing in promoting Local Businesses with Community Programs via unique, affordable web-based applications.

For additional information on I.C.E. KEYTAGS or to be a Sponsor,  visit http://www.profoundprograms.com.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Stephanie Miller

Telephone Number: (877)417-7744

Website: http://www.profoundprograms.com

Email: info@profoundprocess.com