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Thomsaston -

RECYCLING- Thomaston business owners Scott Johnson and Beverly St Clair are adding to their recycling business to better serve the area.
The new facility will be conveniently located just off Buttermilk lane on Marsh Rd in Thomaston .
Over the past 15yrs of recycling cardboard, plastic and paper we’ve established great relationships with communities, commercial haulers and the general public throughout Rockland, Thomaston and surrounding areas.
With trash fees spiraling upward this move will allow us to increase our volume while accommodating our existing clients and having room for new.
We will be at our new location late spring. Our business office is located
at Sharps Pt So. in Rockland, For more information feel free to call us at 390-0620 .

For More Information:

Contact Name: Scott Johnson

Telephone Number: (207)701-8018

Website: http://

Email: crkjck@gmail.com