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Rascally Rabbit Corn Maze at Treworgy Family Orchards

Levant -

2010 Treworgy Family Orchards Corn Maze, "The Rascally Rabbit". Taken by Jon Kenerson on July 20, 2010

LEVANT – The¬† Treworgy Family Orchards corn maze is now open from noon to dusk, Tuesday -Sunday until the end of Oct. This year’s maze, in the shape of a bunny, is called the “Rascally Rabbit”. The maze experience includes wandering through four acres of winding trails, finding stations hidden throughout the maze, solving maze riddles and puzzles, and eating ice cream at the end.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Matthew Pellerin

Telephone Number: (207)570-4778

Website: http://www.treworgyorchards.com

Email: matt@treworgyorchards.com