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Portland, Maine-based NUA Advisors to Speak at Alternative Investments Symposium June 10-11 in Boston

Portland -

PORTLAND – NUA Advisors, LLC (www.nuaadvisors.com), an independent investment advisory firm bridging the gap between traditional and non-traditional investing, will speak at the PENSCO Trust symposium on investing retirement funds in alternative assets such as real estate, secured notes and private equity.

The event, taking place June 10-11 at the Radisson Hotel in Boston, is designed for registered investment advisors, financial planners, CPAs and attorneys and will cover the risks and benefits of balancing a retirement portfolio by incorporating non-traditional assets in self directed accounts.

Rajeev Kotyan, a principal at NUA, will join other industry experts on a panel called “Speaking From Experience: Strategies and Solutions for Self-Directed Investing”. The panel will share solutions that have worked for their clients so that those attending may expand their business offerings and speak to other professionals on the topic.

To register or for additional information, go to the education page on the PENSCO Trust website at http://www.penscotrust.com.

NUA Advisors, an investment advisory firm specializing in non-traditional investing within retirement accounts, is a leader in the self directed retirement account (SDRA) industry – a growing area due to the current volatility of the market – and uses PENSCO Trust’s services as the custodian for their investments.

SDRAs allow investors to pursue investments they know or understand. If they know real estate, the restaurant business, golf courses, RV parks, even show horses, they can use that knowledge to legally invest in those assets within a qualified retirement account.

“The beauty of self-directed retirement accounts is they allow for a variety of investments – beyond the traditional securities markets of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds – giving you greater portfolio diversification within your SDRA,” said Laurie Bachelder, a NUA principal and chief compliance officer, who also will attend the PENSCO event. NUA Advisors, LLC is an independent investment advisory firm that is bridging the gap between traditional and non-traditional investing. The firm, which was recently named a 2010 Five Star Wealth Manager by Crescendo Business Services, an independent research firm, is unique in that its team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals specializes in alternative investments within a Self Directed Retirement Account (SDRA). NUA advises clients on traditional securities investments such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds, as well as non-traditional investments. NUA serves clients in New England and throughout the nation from offices in Portland, Maine, Lexington, Mass. and Columbus, Ohio. For more information contact NUA at info@nuaadvisors.com or visit NUA online at www.nuaadvisors.com.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Laurie Bachelder, NUA Advisors

Telephone Number: 207.879.1127

Website: http://www.nuaadvisors.com

Email: laurie@nuaadvisors.com