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Unity -

UNITY – PortConMaine, Maine’s largest and longest run geek culture
celebration, announces an event for the inner histories-not-historical
fan- A Steampunk Affair. On Nov. 13  Steampunk fans
throughout Maine and northern New England will enjoy fashion, dining, contests, games, and vendors at The Roost in Buxton, ME.

“For this event we’re focusing on an evening out affair versus a
weekend of activities,” Ryan York, another organizer of the event and
judge of the engineering contest, adds. “Instead of running panels and
day long seminars, we’re going to have dinner, a dance, vendors,
artists, and games all night long. Fans both casual and dedicated can
come together and enjoy an evening out on a brisk November day. We’re doing our best to create an atmosphere that takes people out of their every day life and lets them live in a world that never was. We even have dance lessons available at the start of the night!”

Tickets to the event are available online and through the mail for $30
by November 1st. There is a limit of 150 tickets that will be sold and
available. At the door tickets will be available. People wishing to
enter the fashion show or engineering contest may email ahead for
details or bring their work to be judged when they arrive. The menu is available online. Vendors and artists areas are currently sold out.
Dance lessons will be available. The schedule is also online.
For more information, please visit: http://portconmaine.com/asteampunkaffair/

For More Information:

Contact Name: John Piotti