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Pioneer Broadband Acquires Aroostook Internet

Presque Isle, Maine -

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine – Pioneer Broadband of Houlton, Maine is pleased to announce an agreement to acquire Aroostook Internet of Presque Isle, Maine. From Mars Hill to Madawaska, Aroostook Internet has been serving much of Northern Maine with dialup, high speed wireless, and DSL Internet service since 1996.

The transition should occur almost seamlessly from a customer perspective with few exceptions related to the physical location of Aroostook Internet’s data servers. Billing and Technical Support for Aroostook Internet customers will be served from the Pioneer Broadband Operations Center in Houlton. Customers are urged to use the new contact information received in their email to ensure a smooth transition.

The addition of the Aroostook Internet wireless Access Points expands Pioneer Broadband’s coverage from 50 locations to over 80. Pioneer’s service area will now reach from the Lubec area north to Fort Kent and Madawaska.

Pioneer Broadband is the only Internet service provider in Maine with a connection to the Canadian Internet backbone, thus providing diversity that other Maine Internet service providers cannot match.

Since 2001, high speed Internet delivery to rural Maine has been an essential part of the core business strategy for Pioneer Broadband, as well as webhosting, datacenter and IT services.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Don Flewelling

Telephone Number: (207)532-1254

Website: http://www.pioneerbroadband.net

Email: don@PioneerBroadband.net