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Phoenix Studio Reunites with the Old Port Tavern in ‘A Sea of Love’

Portland -

PORTLAND, Maine — The Phoenix Studio Reunites with the Old Port Tavern in ‘A Sea of Love’.

Phoenix Studio, the largest stained glass art studio in Portland since 1976, reunited with the historical Mariner’s Church building when commissioned to design a stained glass window for the Old Port Tavern.

The owners of the Old Port Tavern first approached Phoenix Studio with a simple restoration project and to commission a matching design to compliment the restored panels. Shortly after discussing the history of the Old Port Tavern and the significance it holds in the heart of the owners of Phoenix Studio, the project took on an intriguing creative endeavor. Jane and Lance Croteau, proprietors since 1988, serendipitously met at the Old Port Tavern in July of 1976.

This reunion also recalls the very history that epitomizes the Old Port and the enigma of the Phoenix. As a symbol of rising from the ashes of the old, Portland’s Old Port has revived from four major fires since 1866. One of the buildings, The Mariner’s Church, where the Old Port Tavern is located, was the first location of the Phoenix Studio, located above the restaurant that is now the Mariner’s Church Banquet Center and Billards Room.

As the project inspired both local business owners, the plethora of hidden ties unraveled into a ‘sea of love’. Stained glass mermaids reflect the sea maiden theme that is so emblematic of the Old Port Tavern. The triptych seascape, embodying alluring mermaids and Poseidon, the god of the sea, in an array of turquoise, emerald, and coral glass installed over the fresh-water aquarium that stands behind the bar. The details of the exquisite glasswork include a fused-glass octopus, vitreous painted visages, and shells from the Maine coast.

Stained glass windows by Phoenix Studio, 630 Forest Ave. Portland, Maine
Woodworking by Lynch Works Construction
Location: Old Port Tavern, 11 Moulton Street Portland, Maine

For more information, call 774-4154  or visit www.phoenixstudio.com.

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