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Nickerson & O’Day Awarded 2010 Maine Award

Bangor, Maine -

BANGOR – Nickerson & O’Day has been awarded the 2010 Maine Preservation Restoration Honor Award for their outstanding preservation and restoration of the 1833 Winterport Union Meeting House. Members of the Meeting House Corporation were on-hand along with representatives from Nickerson & O’Day to recieve the honor. The WUMH President spoke emotionally about the contractor that saved their building, thanking Nickerson & O’Day for their hard work and dedication.
Work was begun in 2007 and severe structural deterioration was discovered. Because of the imminent risk of catastrophic structural failure, Nickerson & O’Day continued to stabalize the building, despite the fact that the WUMH had insufficient funding to complete the work.
Fundraising goals were met, the work was painstakingly completed to every original detail and significant budget under runs were returned by NOD to the Meeting House Corporation. Upon accepting the award, Nickerson & O’Day President, Karl Ward, stated “We had faith in the Meeting House folks and they placed their faith in us. Buildings like this simply must be saved.”
This is not the first time Nickerson & O’Day has been so honored. In 2007, the firm also recieved recognition from Maine Preservation for its work in renovating the 1875 Bangor Waterworks complex into the new home for the Shaw House.

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