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New Recycling Program for #4 LDPE plastic

Athens -

ATHENS – The Maine Woods Pellet Company has announced a program, believed to be the first of its kind in New England, to accept and recycle #4 LDPE pellet fuel bags, plastic pallet covers, stretch wrap, cardboard of all varieties, and wooden pallets, making their already ‘green’ and ‘carbon-neutral’ product even more environmentally friendly.

As the largest producer of 100% wood fuel pellets in the State of Maine, the company ships in excess of 3 million bags of wood pellets per year throughout New England and beyond, in addition to its bulk pellet market. This volume of sales generates approximately 400,000 pounds of #4 LDPE plastic bags, 24,000 pounds of stretch wrap, 60,000 cardboard pallet sheets, and 60,000 wooden pallets, most of which would previously have ended up in landfills or incinerators.

Starting immediately, Maine Woods Pellet Company will accept clean, pellet-free #4 LDPE pellet bags of any brand, pallet covers, cardboard of any variety, and wooden pallets at their Athens, Maine facility. Consumers, vendors, distributors, community recycling programs, and environmental organizations are all welcome to bring material for recycling to the Athens plant, on Rt. 150, Monday-Saturday 8am-5pm. Please call (207) 654-2237 to make sure the facility is not closed for maintenance or holidays, or for any other information regarding this recycling program. Please bring bags stuffed 10-12 into one, and cardboard broken down flat and dry.

For More Information:

Contact Name: office

Telephone Number: (207)654-2237

Website: http://mainewoodspelletco.com

Email: ron@mainewoodspelletco.com