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New Local Author DonnaLynn

Hampden -

HAMPDEN – This is an announcement to introduce a new local author, DonnaLynn Hall of Hampden. Her 1st book entitled “A Week to Remember” is a fictional depiction of physical abuse which is based on a true story. Abuse is more common than most people realize. Her book was written to give hope and help to victims of abuse who may feel desperate and want to escape but don’t know where to go. She gives detailed information and resources to guide victims on a path of resolution. This is book one of a trilogy.

A book signing will take place on August 14, 2010 from 4-6pm at Angler’s in Hampden on 91 Coldbrook RD. All are welcomed to attend. The first 85 books sold will receive a free bookmark. The cost is $10 for the book. In the event of rain, the book signing will take place August 21, 2010 from 4-6pm.

The book signing will give DonnaLynn exposure allowing her the opportunity to personally reach out to victims. DonnaLynn herself dealt with domestic abuse for many years. She wishes to spread the word that there is hope and help. Victims of abuse often feel isolated, alone, ashamed, trapped and guilty. They are made to feel the abuse is all their fault. These feelings are difficult to overcome, BUT THERE IS HELP!!

“A Week to Remember” deals with a teenage girl who is a victim of parental abuse. She feels isolated and lives in fear daily. She spends time and energy trying to get help. The years pass and she suffers in solitude. Then she finds hope and help and the healing begins. In many cases, the healing process takes years and leaves many scars. But the abuse ends and a new life begins.

Above all, DonnaLynn wants women especially to take a stand against abuse of any kind and the shame that goes along with it. Abusers should be exposed and brought to justice. Victims need to be courageous to accomplish this. If not, abusers will continue to abuse anyone in their path. You must deal with the abuse before any healing can begin. There is hope for anyone who was abused in the past or those presently in abusive situations.

You are welcomed to visit her website at www.victoryfromabuse.com where you can order her book. You may also contact DonnaLynn at www.facebook.com.

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