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New historic photo book, Damariscotta Lake

Jefferson -

The new book, Damariscotta Lake, includes more than 150 interesting photos of life on and around the lake. The cover photo shows the “Fresh Air Taxi,” which George Kennedy operated from Crescent Beach in Jefferson during the 1930s.

JEFFERSON, Maine – A new historic photo book, Damariscotta Lake, is about the lake and its surrounding communities of Damariscotta Mills, Nobleboro, Newcastle and Jefferson from the time of the first European settlers through the 1950s. The book, which is part of Arcadia Publishing’s Images of America series, will be available starting July 11. Local photos and captions show residents involved in milling lumber, farming, ice harvesting, moving homes over the ice, running local businesses, and harvesting and processing alewives. There are memorable and interesting photos of local families, scenery, industry, summer camps, and much more.

All profit from the sale of the book goes to support the ongoing projects of the four nonprofits that produced it. The book costs $23, including tax. Each book purchased directly from the four nonprofits will provide them with more profit than purchases made at bookstores or online. Profits will be used directly to implement the groups’ local projects and support their communities.

The book can be purchased at Jefferson Historical Society’s Arts at the Old Jefferson Town House on July 9; at the Castlebay Concert on July 14 at the Old Jefferson Town House; at the DLWA Annual Meeting on July 17 at the Willow Grange in Jefferson; at the Nobleboro Historical Society museum every Saturday afternoon in July and August; and at the Newcastle Historical Society museum every Saturday in August. You can also purchase the books by contacting Edmee Dejean at 563-8233 or newcastlehistoricalsociety@hotmail.com, Mary Sheldon at 563-5376 or sheldon@tidewater.net, Marilyn Speckmann at 549-5258, at the DLWA office at 38 Lake Farm Circle in Jefferson (549-3836), or at the Nobleboro Town Office during business hours. Any mailing costs will be added to the price of the book.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Julia McLeod

Telephone Number: (207)549-3836

Website: http://www.dlwa.org

Email: Julia@dlwa.org