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New Educational Touch Tank at the Oriental Jade

Bangor, Maine -

BANGOR, Maine –The Oriental Jade and Touch Tanks for Kids of Biddeford Maine announce a strategic alliance. This partnership offers a delicious fundraising alternative where the Bangor area students can explore the feasibility of raising funds for a Touch Tank Teaching System. The Touch Tank Teaching Program has been providing an interactive learning experience for Maine students since 2005. The interactive educational program, inspired by a Maine teacher, has proven so effective that teaching touch tanks can now be found in 17 states.The Oriental Jade’s Dinner Buffet Fund-Raiser Program has proven itself to be a successful and rewarding endeavor where your group can easily earn up to $1000 while enjoying an evening of delicious food and fun filled events. This, of course, includes interacting with the Oriental Jade’s community touch tank, that they recently had installed by Touch Tanks For Kids. The fun filled night is a wonderful way for a school or community nonprofit to explore whether a an educational touch tank is right for them.More information about the Oriental Jade and Touch Tanks for Kids partnership is available on the Internet at http://touchtanksforkids.org/430/visit-the-touch-tank-at-oriental-jade/

For More Information:

Contact Name: Mike Martin

Telephone Number: (207)944-9852

Website: http://touchtanksforkids.org/430/visit-the-touch-tank-at-oriental-jade/

Email: MikeMartin@touchtanksforkids.org