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Dexter -

DEXTER, Maine — –North Country Riding Club is holding an Equitation Show on Aug. 14, at the Bud Ellms Field located in Dexter. Our Club welcomes the whole family. We have divisions for all– lead liners right up to 18 and older riders. Our future Game Shows are Aug. 28 being held at the Piscataquis Fair Grounds in Dover; Sept. 11 at the Garland Riding Ring; and Oct. 9 at Bud Ellms Field. Visit our web page www.dexterridingclub.com for more information or contact Jillian Marcho (270-2929); Dody Boeglin (379-2260); or Amanda Sherburne (277-5029).

For More Information:

Contact Name: Amanda Sherburne, Secretary

Telephone Number: (207)277-5029

Website: http://www.dexterridingclub.com

Email: sherburne.amanda@gmail.com