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Mobile Commerce Platform


PORTLAND -  Mowbi, LLC (www.mowbi.com) launched its Mowbi Mobile Commerce platform on Thursday, July 1. Mowbi is a unique all-in-one mobile commerce and mobile social media business tool unlike any other product on the market.
Jordan Denning, Mowbi’s President, explains that “Mowbi will revolutionize the way that businesses and organizations use and think about mobile devices. Suddenly, mobile devices can be a key strategy to sales, marketing and outreach and a way to empower employees and members of an organization with more tools.”
Bill Broadbent, Mowbi’s CEO, adds that “One of the most exciting aspects of Mowbi is that businesses don’t need an IT department to create full scale, optimized mobile commerce stores with the ability to invoice and accept credit card payment via mobile device.
For more information, contact Jordan Denning at 207-239-5351 or jordan@mowbi.com or Bill Broadbent at 207-841-5174 or bill@mowbi.com.

For More Information:

Contact Name: jordan@mowbi.com, bill@mowbi.com

Telephone Number: (207)841-5174

Website: http://www.mowbi.com