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MEDIA ADVISORY: Bangor CareerCenter Computer Bootcamp Hosts 1000th Participant

Bangor -

BANGOR, Maine –¬† The Bangor CareerCenter Computer Bootcamp Workshop is expected to host its 1,000th participant on Friday. The course is held every Tuesday and provides hands-on training to job seekers who lack basic computer skills.

Although computers have become common in nearly every workplace, many job seekers still have little to no skills or experience using computers on the job. Even the process of applying for jobs has changed over time, as more employers are requiring job seekers to fill out applications online.

Participants take part in a series of exercises where they learn about computer components, how to operate a keyboard and mouse, and use the internet to search for and apply for jobs.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Adam Fisher

Telephone Number: (207)621-5092

Website: http://www.mainecareercenter.com

Email: adam.c.fisher@maine.gov