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Maine Locavore Cookbook

Carrabassett Valley -

CARRABASSETT VALLEY, Maine – Al & Dianne Keene are pleased to announce that they are publishing the Maine Locavore Cookbook – A cookbook focused on utilizing local Maine foods. See www.locvorecookbooks.com for additional information and to submit your favorite Maine food recipes and be published in the Maine Locavore Cookbook.

Probably your first thought is: What is a locavore?

The locavore movement is a movement in the United States and elsewhere that spawned as interest in sustainibility and eco-consciousness become more prevalent. Those who are interested in eating food that is locally produced, not moved long distances to market, are often called “locavores.”

Local food (also regional food or food patriotism) or the local food movement is a “collaborative effort to build more locally based, self-reliant food economies – one in which sustainable food production, processing, distribution and consumption is integrated to enhance the economic, environmental and social health of a particular place and is considered to be a part of the broader sustainability movement. It is part of the concept of local purchasing and local economies – a preference to buy locally produced goods and services. Those who prefer to eat locally grown/produced food sometimes call themselves locavores.

A locavore is someone who eats food grown or produced locally or within a certain radius such as 50, 100, or 150 miles. The locavore movement encourages consumers to buy from farmers’ markets or even to produce their own food, with some arguing that fresh, local products are more nutritious and taste better. Locally grown and produced food is an environmentally friendly means of obtaining food, since supermarkets that import their food use more fossil fuels and non-renewable resources.

“Locavore” was actually coined by four women from the San Francisco Bay Area on the occasion of World Environment Day 2005 to describe and promote the practice of eating a diet consisting of food harvested from within an area most commonly bound by a 100-mile radius. See www.locavores.com which we believe is the original locavore web site created by the original group of San Francisco Bay Area locavores. In 2007, The New Oxford American Dictionary chose locavore, “a person who endeavors to eat only locally produced food,” as its word of the year.

Currently, the local foods movement is gaining momentum as many people prefer the taste and more environmentally sound effects of foods that are fresh, seasonal, and grown close to home.

For the past several years, we have attended a series of Locavore Dinners offered during the summer months at the Sugarloaf Inn in Carrabassett Valley, Maine by Chef Tony Rossi. These are six course local feast featuring local foods from local farms, forests and waters. Inspired by these feasts, we have experimented with our own “locavore” recipes, strived to find Maine produced foods of many types and enjoyed our efforts. (Email me at al@locavorecookbooks.com is you want more info on these 2011 Locavore Dinners)

Now we think it’s time to undertake an effort to encourage others to join in, share their local food recipes and encourage the increased use and consumption of local foods by publishing the Maine Locavore Cookbook.

We urge everyone to visit our web site to learn more and to submit your favorite Maine food recipes for inclusion in the Maine Locavore Cookbook – recipe sources will be published unless you want to remain anonymous.

When published in the Fall of 2011, the Maine Locavore Cookbook will be available to all charitable and nonprofit organizations to be used as a fundraiser.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions – we are excited about this project and hope that you are too!

Remember – Eat Local: It’s Good for Everyone!

For More Information:

Contact Name: Al Keene

Telephone Number: (207)235-2225

Website: http://www.locavorecookbooks.com

Email: al@locavorecookbooks.com