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Larkin Enterprises Stewards Wind Turbine Apprenticeship

Lincoln -

The State of Maine has approved Larkin Enterprises, Inc. (LEI) as a Corporate Apprenticeship sponsor for the occupation of Wind Turbine Technician. LEI is the first company in Maine to be approved for such a program.
The apprenticeship, as approved, is a 4000-6000 hour hybrid program. At the recommended minimum of 144 hours of Related Technical Instruction (RTI) per year the apprentice(s) would complete approximately 12 of the courses drawn from Appendix II, adopted using the Associate Degree in Wind Power Technology program available at Northern Maine Community College. The apprentices desiring to complete the Associate Degree are, under an Articulation Agreement between the Department of Labor and the Maine Community College System, eligible for an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Trade & Technical Occupations (TTO) which also awards six credits for each year of the apprenticeship in recognition of the on-the job learning received.
Matriculation into the Trade & Technical Occupations Program is required. In the case of this apprenticeship program the apprentice would be awarded another 12 to 18 credits in addition to the credits earned in the classroom.
In 2009 Larkin Enterprises, Inc. entered into an Internship Agreement with Northern Maine Community College to provide hands-on training to students enrolled in the Associate Degree Wind Power Technology Program, New England’s only wind power technology program. This gave students the opportunity to apply for paid internships with Larkin on wind power projects in Maine.
“The progression from internship to apprenticeship is a step forward in formalizing the creation of a highly-skilled and trained work force to support the growing wind technology industry in Maine and the Northeast. We are pleased to be a part of this process, which will create and facilitate new jobs for Maine.” Richard Larkin, President of Larkin Enterprises, Inc.
The Northern Maine Community College Wind Power Technology Program is an associate degree program, which began in the fall of 2009. The program offers broad fundamental aspects of the wind power industry, with a focus on wind turbine maintenance and electrical power production.
Larkin Enterprises, Inc. is a premier provider of technical expertise for all phases of construction and engineering in the energy industry, including renewable energy projects.

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