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iLobster is Cracking

Waterville -

WATERVILLE – Two local Maine residents have released a new iPhone application this week at the iTunes App Store in hopes to increase local lobster sales and bring a little Mainer delicacy into dining rooms, iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches around the world. Already, it has been downloaded in 15 countries, including France, Korea, and Japan.

iLobster, brainchild of native Mainer Ben Greeley, is an iPhone application that instructs users how to get the most out of their next lobster dinner, locate nearby restaurants, lobster pounds, and order fresh Maine lobster. With video, slideshow, and narration, even a novice can learn to crack open their first lobster like a pro.

Greeley, a graduate of the University of Maine, dreamed the concept this spring during a lobster bake with his family in Maine. “I was sitting around and watching my family trying to eat lobster and none of them knew what they were doing,” Greeley said. “It was a little eye-opening.” If people in Maine—who were raised eating lobster—didn’t know how to crack and harvest meat from a lobster shell, others needed help too, Greeley said.

With the help of friend and illustrator, Robert P. Hernandez, iLobster was born. Hernandez, a transplant from California, said the lobster partnership was ironic. “I love lobster but I’m allergic shellfish,” Hernandez said. “But thanks to iLobster, I’ve turned my wife into a lobster connoisseur. It’s almost torture.”

Hernandez, a graduate from the Savannah College of Art and Design, did all of the graphics and illustrations for the application, “As a visual artist, I wanted to break down each step to make it as easy as possible for people to learn how to eat lobster” Hernandez said. “I wanted to give this demo a fresh look with my distinct, energetic style.”

The duo already has a partnership with two Maine lobster companies and hopes to get more onboard soon. “My hope is the app will spawn more business for Maine lobstermen by giving them a new venue to sell their lobster on. It’s smart, it’s fun and it’s practical,” Greeley said. Click, Crack, Eat.

For more information, see http://www.ilobsterapp.com
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Contact Name: Robert P. Hernandez

Telephone Number: (207)739-9246

Website: http://www.ilobsterapp.com

Email: robert@robertphernandez.com