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Good Design is Good Business: The Elements of Branding

Portland -

PORTLAND, Maine — AIGA Maine, the professional association for design will host its annual exhibit, Good Design is Good Business: The Elements of Branding, Oct. 7 through Dec. 30, at the Lewis Gallery of Art in the Portland Public Library.

There will be an opening reception on Friday, October 7 during First Friday Art Walk, where the public can meet some of Maine’s top graphic designers. The curated show will showcase recent branding work by more than a dozen leading Maine graphic designers, and demonstrate how those brands are used in a variety of settings.

“Good design not only makes your business look good, it can help you reach out to new customers,” said Mark Smith of AIGA Maine. “It also can help you communicate better with your existing customers.”

The show shows how good design is also a smart investment in a business because it can help enhance a brand’s visibility in the marketplace and generate a positive emotional response. The best brand designs also foster brand loyalty.

“Embarking on the branding process is like entering into a new partnership,” said Smith. “It’s good to have a plan that will guide you through the branding process, and we’re hoping this exhibit gives businesses a taste of how much a business can gain from a carefully conceived, well-executed brand identity.”

The exhibit is being sponsored by Curvwork, Portland Color, Mainebiz, Stretch Studio, Russell French Studio and Buxton Communications. For more information, visit maine.aiga.org.

Good Design is Good Business: The Elements of Branding
2011 AIGA Maine Annual Exhibit
Through December 28, 2011
Lewis Gallery at the Portland Public Library
5 Monument Square, Portland, Maine 04101

For More Information:

Contact Name: Mark Smith

Telephone Number: (207)939-3160

Website: http://maine.aiga.org

Email: mark@curvwork.com