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Friends of the Calais Free Library Used Bookstore Open Extra Days for International Festival

Calais, ME -

CALAIS – The volunteers at the Used Bookstore next to Unobskey School in Calais have decided to put forth some extra time and effort to allow the bookstore to be open every day (except Sunday) during the International Festival. This will give many people who are in town for the occasion an opportunity to take advantage of the great collection of books and other items, as they browse through the town or wait for the parade to begin … or end.
There are still some free sets of Encyclopedias and Dictionaries just waiting for someone to want them, perhaps for a summer cottage: Funk & Wagnalls New Encyclopedia – complete, plus 2 volume Index (1979) & 1980 yearbook; Funk & Wagnalls New Encyclopedia – complete, plus 2 volume Index (1975) & yearbooks 1979 -1994; Funk & Wagnalls Standard Desk Dictionary in 2 volumes, (1976); & New Century Dictionary in 2 volumes with supplement (1995).
Another special offering are the Calais High School yearbooks, Broadcast, for years 1983, ’84, ’89, ’90, ’91, ’99, 2000, & ’01. The number of books donated this year has been quite impressive, and a good number of them aren’t even able to find room on the shelves; so come in and help us find good new homes for them. Every penny of the money made at the bookstore goes to benefit the library, in one way or another, and so this is a win-win-win stituation – for those who have had to weed books out of over-full shelves, the new owners of the books, as well as the library.

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