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Franklin County Customer Service Training Series

Carrabassett Valley, Rangeley, and Farmington -

CARRABASSETT VALLEY – The Franklin County Tourism Network is hosting its pilot trainings for businesses that are a part of our ever-evolving tourism economy.

Starting in Carrabassett Valley on May 27th, a series of three customer service trainings will be presented by some of our best and brightest minds. These trainings will highlight the different skills that can make you and your employees ready to face the toughest questions, the toughest sales, and the toughest customers.

The first part of the series, with Leigh Breidenbach, Director, UMF Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Collaborative, will cover different communications skills (email, telephone, face-to-face), how to develop a customer-friendly attitude (even when you’re having a bad hair day), and identifying your customer service style. This workshop, on Thursday, May 27th, 9:00am-noon in the Carrabassett Valley Public Library’s Begin Family Community Room, will have a special breakaway session for the final hour of the training for owners and managers. This portion of the training will teach the tools needed to manage your employees for customer service excellence once you go back to your business.

In the second workshop, Rose Creps, Maine SBDC – AVCOG Certified Business Counselor, and Betty Gensel, Women’s Business Center at CEI Certified Business Counselor, will teach customer service teambuilding skills such as realizing your customers needs immediately, identifying your customers communication style, recognizing important differences and service expectations among cultures and classes, understanding how customers evaluate service quality. This workshop, on Wednesday, June 2nd, 9:00am-noon at the Rangeley Town Office meeting room, will focus on forming a team approach to Exceptional Customer Service Skills.

Greg Gould, Maine SBDC – AVCOG Center Director and Certified Business Counselor, will present the final training, which will cover important customer service topics including understanding the customer’s experience, improving the experience to build a more loyal customer base, and the value of exceeding your customer’s expectations. This workshop, on Wednesday, June 9th, 9:00am-noon in the UMF Roberts Learning Center, Room C23, will also focus on equipping you and your staff with sales skills to upsell new products and additional services to your customers.

The cost for individuals is $10 per session. You can register for all 3 sessions at once for only $25. Register 5 people to attend any of the trainings and the 6th person is FREE!

This training is part of the Maine Woods Tourism Training Initiative – a project supported by the Maine Woods Consortium with funding from the Betterment Fund and USDA Rural Development. USDA is an equal opportunity provider, employer, and lender.

For More Information:

Contact Name: To Register: Siobhann Patrie

Telephone Number: 207-778-5887

Website: http://www.mainewoodsconsortium.org/mmh/programs/content/tourism-training.html

Email: spatrie@greaterfranklin.com