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“Eagle Haven” new novel by Islesboro novelist

Islesboro, Maine -

"Eagle Haven" cover

ISLESBORO, Maine – “Eagle Haven” (ISBN 1463557701), a novel by Richard de Grasse, tells the story of a beautiful and peaceful Down East Maine island and its inhabitants’ struggle against planned development by outsiders.

The inhabitants of Eagle Haven are a colorful, self-reliant and family-oriented group of people content for Eagle Haven to remain the same forever. When a commercial development company with a penchant for waterfront subdivisions comes to the island, they think that their fast talking, legal tricks and bribery will pave the way. One lobster fishing family begins to fight back, uniting the resourceful and anarchic islanders in the face of devious schemes and even murder, in an effort to maintain their pristine island home.

“An entertaining, adventurous, romantic read, my novel will appeal to anyone who understands the danger of unchecked development or corporate greed,” says de Grasse. “Readers will identify with the delights of island living and the unique island characters.”

Although the work is fiction, de Grasse was inspired by the environment and inhabitants of his own home on Islesboro. Written to appeal to fans of adventurous novels with strong character development, the novel is intended to engage and entertain.

“Eagle Haven” is available for sale online at Amazon.com and other channels.

About the Author
Richard de Grasse is an electrical engineer, entrepreneur, sailor and novelist that has published fiction and non-fiction works. He won the annual Key West Writers Guild Award for his short story “The Old Man in the Stream.” His first novel “Road to Havana”a Cuba and Florida Keys story, has received wide acclaim. De Grasse and his wife Kathleen split their time between their home on Islesboro and their sloop Endeavour in Boot Key Harbor and the Florida Keys.

Richard de Grasse
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