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Daily Devotions Goes Mobile

Portland, ME -

PORTLAND – Beginning this week Portland’s First Radio Parish Church of America, which broadcasts each morning the widely viewed ecumenical “Daily Devotions” will have an even wider worldwide audience with its own channel on “Call on Faith”. Through Odyssey Network’s new video app “Call on Faith,” FPRPC and its “Daily Devotions” will be available on smart phones – iPhones, Droids, and Blackberries, on Sprint enabled videophones, and on iPads – across the nation and around the World. “Call on Faith” is the first of it’s kind globally – an all-video app with multiple member channels.
Apps are small, targeted pieces of software made especially for the increasingly popular smart phones market. Indeed, despite the worldwide economic recession, the smart phone market grew 16 percent in the past year. Currently, over 200,000 apps can be purchased at app stores, among them apps for cooks, travel, finance, education, business and navigation and a multitude of other interest areas. From the iPhone, Blackberry, and Droid platforms apps can be easily shared with friends via Twitter or Face book.
Now through Odyssey’s “Call on Faith” Daily Devotions has its own all video app which gives Portland’s FRPCA a greater audience, and it puts the organization carrying its inspirational faith-based message with an ecumenical appeal on the cutting edge of media technology. For more information, call  Sharon Reilly 207-879-7747.

For More Information:

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