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Criterion Theatre is throwing the Hail Mary Pass…

Bar Harbor -

BAR HARBOR, Maine – The Criterion Theatre & Arts Center, founded in May 2007, has been struggling financially in its mission to foster arts in the Mount Desert Island area. This gorgeous art deco theater with nearly 900 seats, built in 1932 and in need of much repair and renovation, has been a wonderful venue for countless productions and live music events over the past four years. The non-profit has given the newly formed Eastern Maine Pops Orchestra (TEMPO) for young musicians, Two-Shoes Dance Company, Acadia Community Theatre, The New Surry Theatre, Bar Harbor Music Festival, The Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers, The Jackson Laboratory, and The Maine State Puppet Theatre Festival a home for their productions and special events. There are many plans ahead, but there is no money to move them forward. With several rental payments looming, much debt, and no operating budget left, they will be forced to close operations at the end of June. We would like to especially thank Tom Burton, our General Manager, and his staff for there hard work over the past several months. So many wonderful people have come forward to volunteer their time to help out and get the theatre on its feet, but without funding, their efforts will have been in vain.

For more information, call Jeff Dobbs at 288-1208 or 266-0981
or email  jdobbs@jeffdobbs.com.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Jeff Dobbs

Telephone Number: (207)266-0981

Website: http://www.criteriontheatre.com

Email: jdobbs@jeffdobbs.com